24 Items ending on Ebay today - mosaic, lampwork, and beaded bracelets 
This evening (EST), 24 of my items will be ending on Ebay. 2 butterfly mosaics, 2 beadwoven bracelets with Swarovski Rivoli toggles, and lots of lampwork including tons of flowers and leaves. Take a look! CLICK HERE

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Large hollow lampwork glass beads to be listed soon on my Ebay and Etsy 
I'm getting ready to list some new large hollow lampwork glass beads. I have been pricing items very low, and lowering prices in my shops. I am trying to lighten up before I move. Take a look at my Etsy and Ebay shops

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Call for suggestions from makers of artisan jewelry 
I am looking for suggestions from handmade jewelry artisans. What kinds of beads are you looking for? How many beads in a set is ideal? Send me a message using my contact form, I'll be happy to hear from you.

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Folk Art style flower lampwork glass beads 
This is a set of my handmade glass beads in a folk art style. Think Mary Engelbreit... They are available on Etsy and Ebay right now.
Folk Art Style Red Flowers - Handmade lampwork glass beads for artisan jewelry

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Hibiscus Tropical Flowers listed on Ebay and Etsy - Handmade lampwork glass beads 
A pair of bright red Hibiscus flowers recently added to Ebay and Etsy

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Handmade lampwork glass bead flowers and leaves 
Here are some of my handmade lampwork glass beads from January 2011. Spring is on the way, my favorite season. It's time for flowers and such. The flowers can be used as embellishments on beadwoven or strung jewelry (necklaces, bracelets), crocheted, knitted and sewn accessories. These and more like them in a huge variety of colors are available on my Etsy and Ebay Stores.

Pale yellow and white handmade lampwork glass flowers and green leaves on Ebay

Red flowers and green leaves, handmade glass flower lampwork beads on Ebay

Pink and purple flowers and green leaves - handmade lampwork glass beads on Ebay

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I find kiln wask works just wonderfully as bead release 
I find kiln wask works just wonderfully as bead release, and a lot cheaper. Works best when it's used fresh. I buy it for about $1 per dry pound. I add it to my old bead release bottle with some water and something inside to help stir it up when I shake it.

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American Red Cross donation / benefit bead on Ebay 
I have listed a bead to benefit the American Red Cross (100%) for the recent earthquake/tsunami terribleness.

Red Cross benefit bead on Ebay

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this morning's dream 
Another house dream. It's always strange & interesting houses or other types of buildings (that I live in), or travel (alone). This one, I was about to explore a huge part of my house I had not yet seen because I was told it was haunted. It was a huge old house in Detroit somewhere, and the part I was using was already big and complete. There was even more, though, that was still brand new to me. And of course, dramatic dark sky. In my dream, I grew a pair and decided to go check it out. It was promising to be awesome, but Misha woke me up. All I got to see was to the top of the stairs, an open window with flowing white sheer curtains. Hmm, it was dark and rainy downstairs, but this window was sunny. Interpret that for me!

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Too busy lately! 
And can't get on track. Going in 107 different directions at once. I have been busy making a lot of beaded bracelets lately. Wil be doing more lampwork soon, miss it! Perfect weather for it, but I do miss the normal swimming weather. I wanna swim!! I only like swimming when it's hot out, though.

I just bought some inline skates. Discovered they are pretty hard on me, so I bought some good old school roller skates! They are MUCH easier, and I am eager to go try them out. They have outdoor wheels - yee ha! Give my neighbors a good laugh!

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i philosophize 
"Among other things, it stands for primordial chaos, the universal matrix, the great Deep, the Virgin Mother, and also for the kosmos or world egg produced from it. " -not me

the egg

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Get your rock on this summer 
These are the dates so far for the School of Rock House Band ("Cookie Factory") Summer 09 Tour!!

Whoo Hoo! These kids are really good, too. You should hear their awesome harder rockin version of The Stooges "Now I Wanna Be Your Dog", one of my faves of theirs. They'll also be doing Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, etc, etc...

June 6 - Roseville War Memorial Park - Relay For Life Benefit
June 20 - Boney's - Gratiot Cruise, 12:30
June 26 - Mt Clemens - Stars and Stripes Fest 6:00
June 27, 28 - Mt. Clemens - Stars and Stripes Fest 1:00
July 2, 4 - Citifest 3:30
July 10 - Wyandotte Art Fair 5:00
July 21 - All-Stars @ Emerald (TBA)

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Home made liquid laundry soap 
I followed this recipe, and it worked out very nicely. It was also very fast n easy. Now laundry soap is pennies per load, and without so many of the extra chemicals and plastic bottles. I doubled the recipe and made 4 gallons very quickly.

1/3 bar of grated Fels Naptha laundry soap bar
1/2 c washing soda (not baking soda)
1/2 c borax

simmer some water with the grated soap and 2 powders in it until all it dissolved evenly. Put it in a 2 gallon bucket. Add more hot tap water, some cold tap water, then mix it up.

Use 1/2c in each load. You can use it right away, but after a while, it will gel up. I put mine in empty laundry soap containers with spigots on them. I am using 1/2c-1c since I always have big loads.

Borax and Fels Naptha are at just about any grocery store, I found the soda at Meijer.

I am still also a big fan of soap nuts!

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My cavewoman is showing 
I love drying laundry outside on the line. I am excited that today is sunny, warm & windy. That means I can get a bazillion loads done in 1/3 or less of the time. And it's nice to be out there! BUt I don't know where my lines and clothespins are - oops. May have to buy more.

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my couch bed is too small 
I sleep on the couch (yup, every night), and my puppy sleeps with me. She's not so small anymore, and she likes to stretch out. She won't sleep on the loveseat, oh no. Has to be with me. So I get big scratchy paws in the eye, etc.....

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Washington DC trip 
Overall, it was a good trip, but I am disappointed at the travel company that made our itinerary so poorly scheduled. We only had 45 minutes each at the National Zoo and a Smithsonian museum of our choice. C'mon! That's enough time for a bathroom break and a trip to the gift shop. So at the Smithsonian museum of Natural HIstory, we literally saw only the exhibits nearest the door. What a tease. At the zoo, we were lucky enough to get to see the pandas, since they were right at the entrance.

Here's how the trip went, in a nutshell. We left monday evening, and slept on the way down (hardly). We would have had more sleep, but they forced bathroom breaks every 2 hours - which they didn't do on the way home (force all to get off the bus). Sometime around 7am, we arrived at a restaurant in Gettysburgh, PA. This is where we could change from sweats into our clothes for the day. I forgot to pack mine in my carry on, of course, so I was stuck in sweats.

The restaurant was a historic building that was part of the underground railroad. Some of the chaperones, myself included got to see an actual area where the former slaves were hid, under the floor!

We went to Gettysburgh Museum and battlefield afterwards. The battlefields were very neat, actually. Both the monuments and the landscape - the hills and huge rocks.

We went to the national archives, the halocaust museum, arlington cemetary (where we saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier), the capitol building, the national zoo, outside the white house, lincoln memorial, WW2 memorial (very pretty in the evening), Korean War memorial, vietnam war memorial, a dinner cruise on the potomac, a fish market (WTF?), and on the way home we went to Luray, Virginia to see the Luray Caverns. Google it, it's spectacular.

Michelle - I see what you mean about WDC, I like it, too. It's a very nice city. Obviously the parks and monuments are great, so's the architecture, not just the gov buildings, but I like all of the brownstones. The cherry trees were blossoming nicely, too. I am eager to go back, so I have enough time to really appreciate the museums and zoo.

When I got home, I slept for so long, I woke up with a sore throat from snoring like a chainsaw. We were out of our hotel from 7am till 10pm every night.

I did almost choke one of the girls assigned to me, though. She spit at arlington cemetary! Right on the grass not 10 feet away from a grave! Think about it, dumbass!! She's old enough to know better. Girls should never spit in public anyway, but not at a cemetary, and certainly not at arlington. I was so embarassed.

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My boy kitty

My Souki (RIP)

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I occasionally tweet. @danacreates on twitter

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I will be away... 
I will be gone April 13th through 17th. Not sure if I would call it a vacation, since I am chaperoning a bunch of 13 year olds. But it should be fun. We're travelling by bus (ugh) to Washington DC. I have never been there before, I am looking forward to it.

We're leaving at night on monday, sleeping on the bus, and being dropped off right at a restaurant for breakfast. Then immediately after, we start touring. We won't be back at the hotel until about 10pm! We'll spend the next 2 nights at the hotel, then we're leaving for home thursday night and arriving back here in the morning. Sounds like fun, huh? I used to get car sick all the time, I hope the bus isn't too terrible.

My puppy girl will be at a doggy hotel. She's so attached to me, I think she's going to be upset the whole time. The place she is staying should be good with her, though. It's a nice place.

So much to do before then. Still have to get my taxes done. Crap.

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Funny video n stuff... 
Look at this asshat on this video... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/2 ... 79491.html

The grass is greening up, the tree seed buds are coming out, and the tiger lilies are poking up in the back yard. I wish it wasn't raining so I could take Misha to the dog park. She is going to be a hyper spaz tonight.

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